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Hello, my name is Parveen Smith. As a compassionate person, I have helped many people over the last 16 years as a therapist. As we come into life, we may sense we have a mission and purpose I have always felt I can support people. My clients and the people I have supported have felt empathy and compassion in the way they have been supported.

I have worked in education as a teaching assistant and mentoring working with 3–16-year-old children. I have taught many well-being courses to many people within the UK and overseas during the last16 years. Understanding health matters, I have cared for the elderly with two local companies.

How I helped so far

I helped my mother-in-law plan her funeral 3 years before she passed away it was her wish for me to help her. She could have asked anyone and I wondered why me. We did everything how she wanted, choosing her songs, hymns, her eulogy. We finalised everything. Even though this can be a very emotional time to plan your funeral in advance, I realise how important it is. She got the perfect funeral, perfect colour coding as her favourite colour was cerise pink. The service was perfect and so was the wake. It really was just her.

Then a friend passed away so I was asked by his family to do his funeral which I did without even looking into it. The funeral was perfect for him too. It was him, capturing him was the most important thing. After the funeral the crematorium staff said it was one of the best funeral services, they had seen in 20 years. I was naturally impressed with the comments and decided I would be able to take this vocation further. I felt it was a calling. So, I have fully qualified as a Celebrant.

How I can be your chosen Celebrant

When a family goes through the stress and sadness of losing a loved one, as a Celebrant I can help to ease that stress by supporting the family to plan the funeral service. The funeral service is equally important to the whole life lived when a person dies. What I will do is capture the person you loved. I would love to share the person you knew and what they loved to do and things that made them laugh and you. I would love to share any funny stories showing the reality of their life lived. I can do any type of funeral, religious or non-religious and spiritual. What counts is you and your loved one!

Funeral Service

As you gather to prepare for your sad loss, I will empathically support you. I will assist you in sharing memories on the funeral day. As difficult it is during these times, I hope to lessen the pain and share precious memories and honour your loved one. With respect, we can say farewell on the day. As you grieve you will have the healing with time as the sorrow passes you will see the life and the celebration of a life lived. The eulogy will be perfect for your loved one.

The funeral you decide to have could be non-religious, would you like a silent moment of reflection or a poem?

For a religious funeral, you may want hymns, reading or a prayer. I can bring all these elements together for you.

You may want to have a cremation, burial, a memorial service, scattering of ashes, interment of ashes. Whatever the families wishes are, I can bring that to the funeral service with sympathy and empathy.

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